This historic cemetery is located at 6000 Santa Monica Boulevard. Many of Hollywood's notable figures are here, along with some who are just notorious. Bugsy Siegel being one of them.  During my recent visit I bought the map at the Gift Shop which lists the graves.
Those who are in mausoleums can be hard to find. Here is the hall with Siegel's crypt.


In addition to actors, the cemetery also has the graves of other Hollywood figures such as costume designer Adrian. He was married to Janet Gaynor, and worked for Cecil B. DeMille and Rudolph Valentino. Interesting that all three are in the cemetery. (Gaynor and Adrian were divorced and have separate graves.)

There are many styles of tombs. Marion Davies and Douglas Fairbanks have elaborate ones, but others are simple; Nelson Eddy and Tyrone Power.

My favorite grave is that of Mel Blanc, the man of a thousand voices, including Bugs Bunny and Porky Pig. It comes as no surprise that his grave has the words...

"That's All Folks"

Also interesting is that fans have left mementoes atop the stone; coins, pebbles, even a Bugs Bunny stamp.

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