California Flood 1955

The Christmas flood of 1955, was the greatest disaster of its kind to occur in California history. The loss of life was put at 64 persons. The financial loss was staggering. The California Division of Water Resources gave  a tentative estimate at the time of $200,000,000 in flood losses.

Governor Goodwin J. Knight directed the California Disaster Office to prepare a complete account of the flood. It was issued in July, 1956. Samuel B. Jackson was the editor. He organized the photographs, and wrote the text.

His words are used throughout this presentation.


San  Francisco Los Angeles Helicopter rescue Martinez 
Cattle: last stand

Plucked from a tree


A lost Christmas

Levee Break

A close call

Santa Cruz Sand bag brigade

Yuba City

Shoring up a levee


Klamath from the air

Klamath close up

Klamath aftermath Wrecked Car


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